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 Dear forum don't die..

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Dear forum don't die.. Empty
PostSubject: Dear forum don't die..   Dear forum don't die.. EmptyFri Mar 26, 2010 10:17 pm

People are inactive? This isn't so much as a question as a retorical queation, it is more like: People are inactive.
But why, is the forum not nice enough, or are you just never on the forum... You want another forum or just not the obligation of being online?
Tell me, I'm aching to find out.
And when you don't like the forum, say so, we can work it out and change it. Or just... Exactly, that (the three dots) is where you idea can be at.

Kind regards Kappa
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Dear forum don't die.. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dear forum don't die..   Dear forum don't die.. EmptySat Mar 27, 2010 4:39 pm

true man, i thought the same about the inactivity... spark told me he has not much time to be online... but the others...?!some ppl said its hard for them to understand it cause its mainly english, but some things are in german as well and i guess it wont be a big deal to translate, ask or whatever u like to do to understand the posts...

I hope for US we will be more active soon Wink
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Dear forum don't die..
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